Eagles Of War Presents...Airborne Beret Flashes, Background Trimmings
and Helmet Patches!!!

Career coaching along your own path.

11th Airborne Division

11th Airborne Division "Angels"

187th Glider Infantry Regiment (GIR)

188th Glider Infantry Regiment (GIR)

511th Parachute Infantry Regiment (GIR)

152nd Airborne Anti-Aircraft Battalion (AAA)

127th Airborne Engineer Battalion (AEB)

457th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion (PFAB)
 674th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion (PFAB)

472nd Glider Field Artillery Battalion (GFAB)
675th Glider Field Artillery Battalion (GFAB)

221st Medical Company

711th Airborne Ordnance Company

11th Military Police Company (Airborne)

511th Airborne Signal Company

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