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Some of the more frequently repeated phrases or abbreviations found in
Beret legends are as follows:
  Unit Abbreviations

A Army
ABN Airborne
ABNDIV Airborne Division
ABNBDE Airborne Brigade
ADA Air Defense Artillery
ARM Armor
ARMBN Armor Battalion
ARMD Armored
ARMDCAV Armored Cavalry
ARMDDIV Armored Division
AFLDSUP Army Field Support
ARC Army Reserve Command

AVN Aviation

AVNBDE Aviation Brigade
AVNREG Aviation Regiment
BCT Brigade Combat Team

BDE Brigade


BN Battalion

CA Civil Affairs
CABN Civil Affairs Battalion
CAV Cavalry
CAVBDE Cavalry Brigade
CAVDIV Cavalry Division
CHEBDE Chemical Brigade
 CHEBNChemical Battalion
CID Criminal Investigation Command 
 CMD Command
CORPS Corps 

DET Detachment

 DISCOM Division Support Command (DISCOM)
 DIV Division
 DIVARTY Division Artillery
ENG Engineer
ENGBDE Engineer Brigade
ENGBN Engineer Battalion
FA Field Artillery
FABDE Field Artillery Brigade 
FABN Field Artillery Battalion
FF Field Force  
FIN Finance
FSB Forward Support Battalion
GP Group

HHB Headquarters and Headquarters Battery


HHC Headquarters & Headquarters Company

INF Infantry
INFBDE Infantry Brigade
 INFDIV Infantry Division
LOG Logistical

LOGCMD Logistical Command 

LRSD Long Range Surveillance Detachment
MSB Main Support Battalion
MD Mountain Division
MED Medical
MEDBDE Medical Brigade
MEDBN Medical Battalion
MI Military Intelligence
MIBDE Military Intelligence Brigade

 MIBN Military Intelligence Battalion


MICMD Military Intelligence Command

MP Military Police
MPBDE Military Police Brigade
MPDET Military Police Detachment

NCO Noncommissioned Officer

NCOA Noncommissioned Officer Academy
NG National Guard
OPS Operations
PACCMD Pacific Command 
PERS Personnel

 PERSCOM Personnel Command (PERSCOM)


POC Psychological Operations Command

QM Quartermaster
RR Ranger Regiment
RCT Regimental Combat Team
REG Regiment

 SCH School


 SFC Special Forces Command 

 SFG Special Forces Group
SIG Signal
SIGBDE Signal Brigade
SIGBN Signal Battalion
SIGCMD Signal Command

SOC Special Operations Command


SOS Special Operations Support

 SOSCMD Special Operations Support Command
STB Special Troops Battalion 
SUPBDE Support Brigade
SUPCMD Support Command
TRABDE Training Brigade
TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command
TRN Transportation

TRANSCOM Transportation Command


TRNGP Transportation Group

 WAC Women's Army Corps
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