Eagles Of War Presents...Airborne Beret Flashes, Background Trimmings
and Helmet Patches!!!

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Many individuals have contributed countless valuable contributions
which have been incorporated in this first edition of
United States Airborne Beret Flashes and Backgrond Trimmings.
While all can not be so acknowledged, special appreciation
is extended to the following principal authors, contributors and organizations
who have exhibited a special dedication - revising and verifying historical
and technical data and Beret listings, reviewing market valuations and
loaning Beret Flashes for photographing - for this edition.

Major General (Retired) Kenneth R. Bowra
(Brigadier General) Commander
U.S. Army Special Forces Command (Airborne) 1996-98
(Colonel) Commander
5th Speical Forces Group 1992-93
Fort Campbell, Kentucky
(1st Lt.) Team Leader
"One-Zero" Team Leader, MACV-SOG, Vietnam 1970-74
Les Fouts
Scott Huges
Rich Jones
Richard W. Smith
Bob Ziccardi

Mrs. Sherry O'Connor
The Institute of Heraldry

A-B Emblem
Lisa Roberts

Action Embroidery Corporation
Ira J. Newman

Denmark's Military Equipment Company
 Bob Pank

Eveready Embroidery
Robert Czech

Hallmark Emblems, Inc. 
Scott E. De Larco

Ira Green
Barry Jason Stein
 Michael Mcallister

H.L.I. Lordship Industries
Wes Mcallister

N.S. Meyer, Inc

Schreyer Embroidery Company

Sociecties and Institutions
American Numismatic Association
Smithsonian Institution
American Society of Military
Insignia Collectors (ASMIC)

'Chute and Dagger
The Orders and Medals Society of America
The Institute of Heraldry

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