Eagles Of War Presents...Airborne Beret Flashes, Background Trimmings
and Helmet Patches!!!

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Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 
XVIII Airborne Corps Artillery
Beret Flash Description

On a scarlet shield-shaped embroidered item with a semi-circular base, 2 1/4 inches (5.72cm) in height by a 1 7/8 inch (4.76cm) in width overall and edged with a 1/8 inch (.32cm) scarlet border, a yellow lozenge throughout. The beret flash was approved 13 Mar 1994.

Background Trimming Description
On a scarlet oval-shaped embroidered item with a 1/8 inch (.32cm) scarlet border, 1 3/8 inches (3.49cm) in height and 2 1/4 inches (5.72cm) in width a yellow lozenge throughout. The background trimming was originally approved on 20 Nov 1951. It was amended to include the standard and metric measurements in the description on 20 Feb 1991.

Headquarters and Headquarters Battery,
18th Fires Brigade

Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, Division Artillery (DIVARTY), 82nd Airborne Division

Division Artillery (DIVARTY), 
101st Airborne Division



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