Eagles Of War Presents...Airborne Beret Flashes, Background Trimmings
and Helmet Patches!!!

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Airborne Beret Flash
Background Trimmings

United States
Airborne Beret Flashes
Background Trimmings

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Albert A. Goulet

Airborne or special operations units on jump status are
Beret Flashes and Background Trimmings (Ovals)
under the provisions of paragraph 28-31, AR 670-1.
Divisions, brigades, groups, regiments, battalions and
companies/detachments are entitled to a flash
within their own right.
Airborne units not on jump status (101st Airborne Division) are authorized only the background trimmings.

Request for authorization of the flash or trimming may
be to TIOH approval.
The request must include a copy
of the permanent orders showing
the unit is airborne and a
color design of the insignia requested.
The flash and
background trimmings will not contain design elements
except geometrical divisions or shape.
Flashes and
background trimmings are not available through the supply system.
They may be obtained through local purchase
procedures from manufacturers certified by TIOH.

Airborne Beret Flashes
Eagles of War has an ongoing project with the three major embroidery companies; as The Institute of Heraldry approves the New Airborne Beret Flashes they will send us them in Full Color. We are not trying to be the first on the block with the New Airborne Beret Flashes, but the first to have the correct Background Trimmings (Ovals) that The Institute of Heraldry approved!! Made in the United States of America!! Note: We will list the Airborne Beret Flashes as soon as they become available!!
Attention New Units
Units with a New Airborne Beret Flashes; TIOH will prepare a proposed design and forward it to the unit for concurrence. Eagles of War can help with the proposed design with the Units History, Lineage and Honrs Information. After the unit commander approves the design, TIOH will prepare a manufacturing drawing and authorization letter for the insignia. Eagles of War can provide the Units / Commanders with a price quote and the information on how to obtain the insignia through local purchase procedures. Recently approved Airborne Beret Flashes are not in the supply system. Resupply of Airborne Beret Flashes should be obtained through the supply system if they are in stock. Airborne Beret Flashes not in the supply system may be obtained through local purchase procedures.
Information & Plaques Courtesy of
The Institute of Heraldry!!
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